DISC does not look to change your business process, but looks to improve the way you manage your information and find it quickly, wherever you are.

  1. When meeting for the first time, we perform a Technology Audit, which determines how much money and time could be saved by converting to a digital filing system
  2. DISC then creates a recommended strategy to overcome challenges and assist you in the conversion process.
  3. We then create a digital replica of your existing filing system to ensure file retrieval is familiar and documents are easy to locate.
  4. We collect documents from you and prepare them for processing and uploading to the system.
  5. We archive captured business papers and validate this archive based on requirements
  6. DISC spends time near the end of our engagement to train your staff on how to use the system and sets up any access requirements on files that match any specific locks you had in place in a physical filing system.

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